"The new Radical 2 binding is going on tour in North America. Connecting Dynafit's handcrafted past to its hard-charging future, Fritz Barthel, who invented the first 'low tech’ Dynafit binding over 30 years ago, sends the newest version of the Radical off to the Dynafit North America Athletes for them to experience in their home mountains. This four-part series debuts on October 19th, and will feature athletes Cody Barnhill, Eric Hjorleifson, Trevor Hunt, KT Miller, Meredith Edwards, Marshall Thomson, and Donny Roth; locations include Whistler, BC, Sun Valley, ID, Cooke City, MT, and Crested Butte, CO."

Episode 1 is featuring Eric Hjorliefson and Trevor Hunt, this episode was filmed in Whistler, B.C. on the Blackcomb Glacier (and in Hoji's shop) last March. We hope you enjoy hearing some insights about the sport of #backcountry #skiing and seeing some action from two of the best in the game.

Episode 2 is featuring KT Miller and Meredith Edwards and was filmed in Cooke City, Montana. KT and Meredith are putting the new Radical 2 binding to the test in the remote mountains near Cooke City, Montana – proof that light is right. With insights into their Backcountry home spot and stories how they started with the tech bindings back in the days. 

Episode 3 of the Connections Web Series – featuring Marshall Thomson and Donny Roth – was filmed in Crested Butte, Colorado. Uphill skiing has played a central role in the local community ever since a brave mail carrier named Al Johnson shuttled letters over the area’s many high mountain passes in the late 1800’s. Suffice to say, the gear is a lot more advanced these days, but the routine nature of uphill ski travel still remains. 

Episode 4 of the Connections Web Series – featuring Cody Barnhill – was filmed in Sun Valley, Idaho. Cody Barnhill gives you an idea in that very last Episode about why Freeriding on lonely mountains in the Sawtooths can mean freedom after all. 

Executive Producers
Dynafit and Gore-Tex North America

Jamie Starr and Thomas Woodson

Principal Cinematography
Thomas Woodson

Additional Cinematography
Eric Hjorleifosn
Beau Fredlund
Meredith Richardson

Thomas Woodson
Eric Hjorleifson
Trevor Hunt
KT Miller
Meredith Edwards
Donny Roth
J Marshall Thomson
Cody Barnhill
Whistler, BC
Cooke City, MT
Crested Butte, CO
Sun Valley, ID
March 2015
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